Assignment im in tm muhamad taufik

Teacher ENG October 31, Assignment IM In TM Muhamad Taufik Amin What is the time now is when an organization is small or large requires a form of information concerning the operation of the company in a very short timethe Information obtained for use In a short time It also allows Its use In the futurethis Is where there is interest on comprehensive information managementinformation is also available for use not only will continue to use it to go through some process add it its use is at the maximum level.

Assignment im in tm muhamad taufik

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The integration of most membrane proteins into the cytoplasmic membrane of bacteria occurs co-translationally. The universally conserved YidC protein mediates this process either individually as a membrane protein insertase, or in concert with the SecY complex.

Here, we present a structural model of YidC based on evolutionary co-variation analysis, lipid-versus-protein-exposure and molecular dynamics simulations. The model suggests a distinctive arrangement of the conserved five transmembrane domains and a helical hairpin between transmembrane segment 2 TM2 and TM3 on the cytoplasmic membrane surface.

The model was used for docking into a cryo-electron microscopy reconstruction of a translating YidC-ribosome complex carrying the YidC substrate FOc.

This structure reveals how a single copy of YidC interacts with the ribosome at the ribosomal tunnel exit and identifies a site for membrane protein insertion at the YidC protein-lipid interface. Together, these data suggest a mechanism for the co-translational mode of YidC-mediated membrane protein insertion.

Proteins are embedded in this plasma membrane; and some of these membrane proteins act as channels that allow molecules to enter and leave the cell, while others allow the cell to communicate with its surroundings. Like all proteins, membrane proteins are chains of amino acids that are joined together by a molecular machine called a ribosome.

Most membrane proteins are inserted into the membrane as they are being built. All bacteria contain a protein called YidC that inserts proteins into the plasma membrane of bacterial cells. However, the mechanism behind this activity and the parts of the YidC protein that interact with the ribosome and plasma membrane are unknown.

The model shows how the YidC protein is threaded back-and-forth through the membrane, a total of five times. Some of the protein also extends into the inside of the bacterial cell. Fitting the more detailed model of YidC into this overall structure of the whole complex revealed how a single YidC protein might interact with the ribosome to insert a newly built protein into a membrane.

Further experiments also identified the amino acids in the YidC protein that interact with the newly built membrane protein, thus revealing where it might leave the YidC protein and be inserted into the membrane.

The next challenge will be to investigate how the YidC protein assists the folding of new membrane proteins into their own highly specific three-dimensional structure.

Assignment im in tm muhamad taufik

Furthermore, the region s of YidC mediating the interaction with the ribosome have not been identified, and the oligomeric state of YidC during co-translational translocation remains controversial Kohler et al.

Hence, we set out to determine a molecular model of ribosome-bound YidC during co-translational translocation of the substrate FOc van der Laan et al.assignment one should have a full understanding of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

2. Explanation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? In a well-known psychologist, Abraham Maslow (), composed a motivational theory called “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”. This theory suggests that when a human beings needs are met one will function most effectively.

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A structural model of the active ribosome-bound membrane protein insertase YidC