Best website copywriting services should

Using active voice and positive language also resonates well with customers.

Best website copywriting services should

Wow, that was easy. But, was it legal? Copyright protection gives the author of an original work exclusive right to its publication, distribution and adaptation.

In other words, the author or holder of the website owns this intellectual property, and anyone who plagiarizes it is in violation of copyright laws. Is it now free for the taking? And that fact is further bolstered if anywhere on that website like on the home page or in a footer, the copyright is explicitly stated and lists the current year.

Protect Your Content So what should you do as the owner of a website to to avoid having your content stolen? Make sure that somewhere on your website, you do have a stated copyright, even though simply by virtue of having written the website, it is copyrighted to you.

You can even include a stern warning that says you seek out and prosecute plagiarists. Notice of Digital Millennium Copyright If you find that your content has been plagiarized, legally you have the right to go after responsible party. But is that realistic? You can, however, threaten to sue and hope that the warning is enough to make the offending party remove your copy.

You can also threaten to file a Notice of Digital Millennium Copyright Act Infringement with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines, demanding to have the site banned from all search results. Most website owners are savvy enough to know that removal from the search engines could cause serious damage to their business, so this threat is actually more potent than pursuing legal action.

Be Vigilant Bottom line? Just put your copyright statement i.

best website copywriting services should

And then be vigilant and downright threatening in protecting its content. To have access to easy, enforceable power, one must have a Registered Copyright — this requires a registration with the US Copyright Office. All the best, Steven Thrasher Thanks, Steven, for helping to clarify what can be a confusing topic for the layperson.

If you have further questions about copyrights, please feel free to contact Steven through his website at www. She works with clients around the world to promote their products and services through creative marketing.

Need help creating a new website or improving your existing site?Choosing the best copywriting services to hire revolves around communication. During initial contact, you will likely provide basic information regarding your business and copy needs.

Once you have received a response and open one-on-one communication with an agency or individual, there are some topics and questions that you should cover.

6 Great Website Copywriting Examples (And Why They Work) Have you ever wondered why some websites just draw you in, make you linger on their page, read the blogs.

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These days when a business wants to create a new website to promote its product or services, the first thing the owner does is Google his competitors and sees what their website .

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