Childrens services assignment help

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Childrens services assignment help

You must then provide a You must then provide a report of your findings for each child. Step by step, instructions for this assessment activity are provided in the table below. StepInstructionStep 1Carefully review the assessment criteria provided for this project task see below to ensure you fully understand what is expected of you in the assessment.

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Step 2In association with your workplace supervisor choose one focus child in each of the following age groups: You must choose at least one child that routinely exhibits challenging behaviour. The reason for this is that you will use this child as the focus for Project Task 4 where you will implement a behaviour management plan for this child.

Step 3With the assistance of your workplace supervisor, you must obtain signed permission from the parent or guardian of each focus child. These signed forms must be included in your assessment submission.

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Step 4Use the Jottings template provided at Appendix A to prepare an observation tool that will allow you to record notes whilst you are observing the children. The template provided for you to use.

Childrens services assignment help

In preparing for your observations, refer to the Report Guide provided below to ensure that you will capture adequate information to allow you to prepare a report of your findings.

There is space provided to record your notes in the Jottings template provided. This is an opportunity to ensure you are on the right track before developing your final project submission.

Minimum 1 page report for each focus child using: Font- Calibri 12 1. A profile of the child that should include: Any other relevant information for the child. Any incidents of observed conflict involving the child and how it was resolved.

You should include some reflections about how well you think the conflict was handled and what you might do differently. Observed techniques used by the Educator to: Guide and reinforce positive behaviourb. Provide limits and consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

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You should include some reflections about how well you think the techniques were applied and what you might do differently.

This information will not be shared with anyone at the centre.Please review the following open volunteer positions and feel free to apply if you have the weekly availability and can make the commitment.

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