Describe a person you admire essay

If we start talking about his appearance, it is important to mention that the way he moves and acts reflects his personality a lot.

Describe a person you admire essay

Describe a person you admire. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish. Admiration to any individual comes from the heart and requires lots of endeavours as well.

I admire a man in my family from my teenage for his extraordinary qualities. He is the uncle of mine, the husband of my maternal aunt. He loves me very much and is always with our family in both our happiness and sorrows.

He is a man of special qualities and is a very good teacher too. I mostly like him for his outstanding ability to teach mathematics and he makes the lessons easy and clearer.

Moreover, he can sing very well and his paintings are superb. When I used to learn mathematics from him, he made all the logic and complexities clear to me within the shortest time and I had a good score on that final exam.

I was a kid of nine or ten when my aunt Sofia was married to Mr Alexander Cumberland. As I was highly busy with my studies, I did not have enough chance to meet him frequently. When he came to our apartment, I did not have much interaction with him. But gradually I started realising that he is a man of skill and special qualities.

One night, he started singing a melodious song at a party in our apartment to entertain the visitors, and he presented me a very nice painting on my 13th birthday that I later came to know was painted by him.

But I came to his close contact when I needed to complete the complex mathematics for my final exam in my sixth grade. Although in the beginning, I failed to manage time to spend with my uncle, I managed it later when the exams were over.

I passed few weeks with him and found that he is a great man. He is sincere, likes to talk straight, punctual, and sympathetic to others; and filled with other special qualities which are absent among the common people.

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He is kind and helps the poor based on his ability, never ill-treats anyone and always busy with his own activities. I have not seen him getting engaged in a gossip which is another cause for me to admire him.

He is softhearted giant and never hurts people.

Describe a person you admire essay

He is punctual and I have never seen him missing appointments. Earlier, I told that I had less chance to meet him, but now I regularly meet him at least twice a week for different purposes and I find a different taste in passing times with him.

When he paints, he keeps me with him to discuss different issues and he invents ideas for painting during the conversation, according to him.

Besides, when my father is out of the state, he takes care of my family like his own. He never allows us to feel alone and he is a must for any of the familiar occasions in our family. He cheers up the participants and creates a pleasant noise there which increases the beauty of the events.Describe a person you admire.

Calvin Lewis Hampton Sr. was born May 16, in a small town in Lamar, Mississippi. He attended school at Ashland High School where he quickly made a name for himself playing basketball.

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Describe a business person you admire. IELTS Ben December 30, Part 2 I am much pleased to came to know about this site and very grateful to you for doing such a great detailed work. This is one of the best writing workshop that I came across. It literally helped me to organise my essay properly and understand question pr.

Read. Aug 23,  · How to Describe People. Read descriptions of people from authors you admire. Don't feel you have to describe every last detail of the person. You want to be specific enough to give your reader something to imagine, while still leaving much of that imagining up to your 36K.

Describe a person you admire essay

IELTS Cue Card # Admire. September 28, Chief Editor Leave a comment. Describe a person, much older than you, whom you admire: You should say – Who the person is? How you know the person?

How this person has influenced you? Why you admire this person? Sample Answer – One. May 22,  · Describe a famous figure that you admire most And for me, that idol is a very famous figure – Bill Gates.

This is simply because he is too brilliant not to admire. Describe a Person You Admire Essay Describe an person you admire Beauty, patience, ambition and strength; these words come to mind when thinking of the ideal woman.

Angelina Jolie, she exemplified these characteristics.

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