Eap 6109 6110 crn 86

CEREan agricultural biotechnology company focused on forage crops, today reported financial results for the three months ended February 29, and provided an update on its business. During its fiscal second quarter, Ceres launched additional forage sorghum seed products following favorable field results from Over the past year, the company has increased the size of its distribution network and expects to continue to add new distributors to carry its products.

Eap 6109 6110 crn 86

Small sales otSoerm at 36 Carao sales of Sjonej ard P. The market is qniet for this article, and tran- sactions quite limlte.

Small sales of Java, in lots to the trade, at 33c, cash. For st Domingo and other kinds prices are quite nominal, no sales haying been nuae for some. The market has been dull for this article, ard prices tsve eased eff, but near the close asair. The sales have been at prices ranniag from 23 18 iia lb, as to quality.

The market continues very quiet for all articles mdtr tnis head, and but fesr transactions to notiee. Smsll sales of Western Alcohol at 4, and in nod- eiatedfnanci; 6t bbls roil Brimstone at. All other Dyewoods nave been qniet ano no sales to report.

Maiai a Raisins are quiet and the sales continue fo bi confloed to small lots.

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FISH, cod Fish have betn in fair demand, and prices are gradually settling down. The sales of medium and? In Mackerel there has been corsiderable doing. In Salmon nothing has been done, and price, continue quite cominal. We quote 50 43 55s? To Liverpool tne ra.

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Illinois aid Southern Ohio, good and choice brands, have been selling at 9 8i0 60 98 bol as to quality and biand. In St Louis Fiour the sales tave been at 25 38 bbi, favorite branos now selling at 12 25 3jl bbi.

In South- ern Flour verv little has been done. Iy brands Baltimore at 12 25 at bbi. In Bye Flour the sales have hern cocfired to small lot.

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Th-; market for Corn has been quiet the past week, hut trices remain about the same The rales have been at 81 03 81 5 fer Southern yellow, as to quality, and 75 95c for Western mixed, as to quality Oats have been in moderate demand and the market is not quite so Arm.1. 2. 3.

Eap 6109 6110 crn 86

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Run by: The Lead Education and Abatement Design Group Working to eliminate lead poisoning globally and to protect the environment from lead in all its uses: past, current and new uses. 86 EDCE5-CT (CT4) C EDCE5-CT C Clarification for emergency registration for 5G IMS NTT DOCOMO Takeda Shinya 99 C C Enabling N1 mode radio capability triggered by emergency call C C UE behaviour after MMTEL voice is barred due to UAC CP C A.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. arkmedia, Name: MTA WA Members eDirectory, Length: Tetrahedron Vol. 49, No. 27, , O,93 $+ Printed in Great Britain Pergarnon Press lid Cobalt(II) Catalysed Reaction of Alkenes with Aliphatic Aldehydes and Molecular Oxygen: Scope and Mechanism Sonika Bhatia, T.

Punniyamurthy, Beena Bhatia and Javed Iqbal` Department of Chemistry Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur , INDIA (Received in UK 2 March ) .

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