Embrassing moment

A simple conference call gone horribly, horribly wrong. But this one takes the cake. Last week I did something that will haunt me for years to come.

Embrassing moment

We shared a fancy room that had two massage tables, a shower in one corner, and a soaking tub Embrassing moment another. Our body scrub came first. He could have been strutting around in his birthday suit as far as I could tell! Massage So this is actually a story that one of our good friends shared with us.

His first impressions confirm his online findings: Clean and freshly spa scented? But not long after he had stretched himself on his massage table did things start going down hill.

Embrassing moment

She was contorting him in very odd ways, which says a lot even for a Thai massage. At one point, she managed to bend his leg in a way where he actually kicked himself right in his man parts. Massages are supposed to be a therapeutic or relaxing experience, not a kick in the balls, pun fully intended.

But nope, this woman managed to do it a second time with the other leg.

10 Embarrassing Sex Stories From Our Readers

Sister Massage Last year my parents and younger sister visited Thailand and one afternoon we stopped at a little massage shop after exploring the town on foot.

We requested two oil massages for me and my sister and two foot massages for my parents. Going to the back of a shop for an oil massage is not unusual, except that the two of us were led to a full-sized mattress to share.

This was odd because typically each customer receives their own personal narrow mattress. An oil massage begins with you laying on your stomach and getting massaged on your back, shoulders, and legs.

Of course there are embarrassing things that happen in an industry when customers are nearly naked. Somehow my mom and sister were whisked away to share one room and I was left to share a room with Chris and my dad. I reluctantly pulled the curtains closed around me, got out of my robe, and wiggled under my massage table sheet wearing only my underwear.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing Thai massage stories?Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas may have gotten a little overexcited during a performance. Then again, some of those shows are hours long and .

True embarrassing moments and funny stories about school, sex, work, dating, wedgies, being naked, peeing, and much more! Mar 27,  · President Obama found his private moment of political candor caught by a live microphone on Monday as he told President Dmitri A.

Medvedev .

Embrassing moment

The Most Embarrassing Moments Of A Girl's Life From Ages 14 To Relive the horror. President Trump's pitiful showing at a Helsinki joint press conference with Vladimir Putin on Monday was perhaps the lowest moment of his presidency -- with the possible exception of his.

Big Tech's big appearance in Washington this week was a big disappointment. Congressional representatives have been investigating Russia's alleged meddling in last year's election.

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