Music writing app for ipad pro vs surface

One of the most common questions I have from teachers with iPads is: The reasons for wanting an iPad notation app are varied: Below are my thoughts on the three best iPad notation options and their different strengths and purposes.

Music writing app for ipad pro vs surface

Along with the need for a larger screen, my criteria for a sheet music reader are: Yes, either of them work quite well. Update — the current model is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Sheet music is 8. The iPad screen is only 5. Neither choice is preferable. Paging down for the 2nd half can be distracting but possible with a Bluetooth pedal.

My criteria for a better system are that the sheet music reader must be simple and not distract from the musical performance.

On this quest for a better full-page music reader I discovered the Surface Pro 3 or 4 solution. The author has 12 years of experience that saved me months of effort.

Best Music Notation Apps for iPad

The Surface Pro 3 screen is 6. Since Windows 10 takes up. There are other PDF programs that can do the same thing. I used cropping of Top: Those settings may not work for every song but you can preview and make adjustments.

I recommend you get a music stand holder or clamp to keep it from falling during practice and performance. Performance setup for the Surface Pro in Windows 10 includes: The screen can be set to something longer than the time it takes to page down or change songs and sleep should be set longer than the total performance.

The apps sort the sheet music by genre, composer, or set list.

music writing app for ipad pro vs surface

Few of them can transpose the key of the song unless they support MusicXML files. File Explorer sorts the sheet music in sub-directories by genre, composer, or set-list. Adding PDF meta-tags to the sheet music makes that information searchable by the file manager and some programs.

All of those steps are not necessary with Windows The Surface Pro 3 is multi-tasking. You can run the reader, a metronome, a video clip of the song and other programs at the same time. The PED can also be set to turn pages up and down and move through the music a few lines at a time.

The update uses an iPad which demonstrates that the iPad has been the most popular device for sheet music readers up to this point.

What is the best notation app for me and my students?

Allow annotations It seems that the sheet music needs changes or notes. Either a key or tempo change or something is wrong and needs editing. The free Acrobat Touch Reader supports sticky notes, highlighting and strike through on the sheet music files.

The annotations can be saved with the file and shared on OneDrive. Acrobat Touch Reader and the Surface Pen are easy to use.

Most of the iOS and Android apps I tried allow you to make notes but not export your notes. Surface Pro 4 comes with Windows 10 installed. Granted Windows can be complex for this task; however, it does give you a fully featured tablet that can do almost anything.

From my experience, setting up the Surface Pro in advance can minimize the complexity during practice and performance.The Surface Pro 3 or 4 can be used as sheet music readers without special apps.

By Stephen Pate – I’ve been using an iPad Air for an electronic sheet music reader but . As for the new Surface Pro, the details are below, but the bottom line is this: It has a bigger battery, a faster processor, and a new stylus (the Surface Pen) that’s updated to be more accurate and much more pressure-sensitive (you can tilt to shade, but only in the Sketchpad app for now).

music writing app for ipad pro vs surface

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store Is there a way to handwrite notes in OneNote with a "zoom box", or is there an app that offers handwriting/note taking using a "zoom box". My wife has a Surface Pro 3 and I played around with OneNote and was not impressed by the handwriting precision using the Surface pen. Is there a way to do this in OneNote or any apps similar to.

So on the Surface Pro 4 page at the Microsoft Store, one of the bullet points is "Make music with professional grade apps." Just wondering, is there any proprietary Microsoft app that this is referring to?

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