Project street beat

Sculpture by Haring in Dortmund, Germany InHaring visited Australia and painted wall murals in Melbourne such as the 'Detail-Mural at Collingwood College, Victoria ' and Sydney and received a commission from the National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art to create a mural which temporarily replaced the water curtain at the National Gallery. He was interested in working with children and this inspired the project Citykids Speak on Liberty, which involved 1, children collaborating on a project for the centennial of the Statue of Liberty.

Project street beat

What GWB failed to mention is that the money comes with strings. Since prostitution is legal in Brazil, government officials told the press that they had decided to forego the grant because stigmatizing sex workers would hamper their treatment and prevention efforts.

Unlike right-wing fundamentalists, AIDS groups know that viral transmission will not be halted by moralizing. Instead, advocates work the streets, laboring at the grassroots to teach safer practices to those at highest risk—prostitutes, IV drug users and the sexually inexperienced.

There, they approached people—many of them prostitutes—to urge them to get tested for HIV in a Mobile Medical Unit parked a few feet away. Services—ongoing care or a one-time visit—are free, funded by grants from city, state and federal agencies. Planned Parenthood started Street Beat in According to a study by the Fifth Avenue Committee, You have to prove yourself.

You have to go to them.

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Last year, Street Beat saw 22, clients. He rattles off a list of stages his clients go through. He teaches group members to protect themselves, demonstrating how to use prophylactics and showing them how quickly an adept practitioner can do this.

If they sniff twice a day, we try to get them down to once.


We give people incentives, grocery vouchers, movie tickets, snacks and metro cards. They see that we are taking care of them and are encouraged. They learn to be honest because it will help them.

If a girl is pregnant, we get her to the nurse practitioner and she is counseled to see if she wants to keep the baby. How long does it take to put on a condom? Seconds—even when it pops and they have to start over.


We do an exercise where we have a bag filled with panties and each girl picks one. We teach them that the satin ones may cause infection because they do not let the vulva breathe. We encourage communication between the woman and her partners and with her parents. We talk about condom negotiation, how to be assertive.

Some members are in gangs, others are high school dropouts. The mix of judgment-free programs—street work, counseling, educating teens—keeps Street Beat staff more than busy.

May 04,  · For 28 years Planned Parenthood of New York City’s Project Street Beat has been providing health care, education, and support services throughout New York City through its innovative street-based outreach strategy.. The Keith Haring Foundation proudly supports Project Street Beat and Planned Parenthood! Bronx Community Health Network teams up with Planned Parenthood's Project Street Beat every month to bring a mobile HIV testing van to various locations around the Bronx. While the testing day normally falls on the second Tuesday of the month, it will be taking place earlier in June. Streetbeat Youth Project is using the £9, grant to pilot a 26 week cross-community life coaching service for growth and development of children and young people from the Woodvale, Greater Shankill, Ardoyne and Oldpark areas, and the surrounding communities across north Belfast.

Yet despite this monumental task, they remain upbeat, taking pleasure in small victories. Risk-reduction, they say, is the only effective tactic in the ongoing fight against AIDS. Saving lives, not souls, is their mission.HIV Counseling and Testing Resource Directory [January Update] Organization Anonymous Test Adolescent Risk Evaluation Project tests youth age 13 to East th Street Bronx NY Project Street Beat () Mobile medical unit available.

Chun-Li (チュン・リー Chun Rī) is from the Street Fighter series. She is an Interpol detective and also a skilled martial artist who is known for her fast kicks.

Her most famous move is the Hyakuretsukyaku (Hundred Legs Kick). Chun-Li was investigating the disappearance of her father. After training. Project Street Beat is a program of Planned Parenthood of New York City.

Planned Parenthood of New York City has health centers in all five boroughs. PPNYC provides high-quality sexual and reproductive health care to everyone who walks through our doors, regardless of their age, immigration status, or ability to pay.

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Care. “Main Street Wellington Strengthens the Spirit of our Community by working with local government, businesses and community members.

Project street beat

Together, we strive to be an attractive destination that showcases the multitude of services we have to . The Keith haring Foundation Project Street Beat Mobile Medical Unit in association with Planned Parenthood parked in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York A pedestrian walks past a mobile medical unit in a UK city town centre center downtown.

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