Sheela barse v state of maharashtra essay

Joshi and ; Excerpt: This writ petition is based on a letter addressed by Sheela Barse, a journalist, complaining of custodial violence to women prisoners whilst confined in the police lock up in the city of Bombay. The petitioner stated in her letter that she interviewed fifteen women prisoners in the Bombay Central Jail with the permission of the Inspector General of Prisons between 11 and 17th May, and five out of them told her that they had been assaulted by the police in the police lock up. Of these five who complained of having been assaulted by the police, the petitioner particularly mentioned the cases of two, namely, Devamma and Pushpa Paeen who were allegedly assaulted and tortured whilst they were in the police lock up.

Sheela barse v state of maharashtra essay

Prison Act, In Sunil Batra vs.

Delhi Administration reported in All India Reporter Supreme Courtthe Supreme Court issued several directives to the government regarding prison administration and observed that the norms laid down by the international organizations must be followed so as to respect the sanctity of the basic human rights of the prisoners.

In this case, a letter written by a prisoner in Tihar Jail directly to the judges of the Supreme Court, complaining that the jail warden had pierced a baton into the anus of a prisoner to extract money from the victims relatives, was treated by the Supreme Court as a petition and proceedings were initiated.

In Sheela Barse vs. State of Maharashtra reported in All India Reporter SCa letter from Sheela Barse, a journalist, complaining of custodial violence to women prisoners while confined in the police lock-ups in the city of Mumbai, was treated as a Writ Petition.

The Court in this case issued various directions to the State of Maharashtra conferring protection to women prisoners in police lock ups. In the case of D. State of West Bengal reported in All India Reporter Supreme Courtthe Supreme Court held that the precious right guaranteed by Article 21 of the Constitution of India cannot be denied to convicts, undertrials, detenues and other prisoners in custody, except according to procedure established by law by placing such reasonable restrictions as one permitted by law.

The Court laid down a number of guidelines which are required to be followed in all cases of arrest and detention.PETITIONER: SHEELA BARSE Vs. RESPONDENT: STATE OF MAHARASHTRA DATE OF JUDGMENT15/02/ BENCH: BHAGWATI, P.N.

BENCH: BHAGWATI, P.N. PATHAK, R.S. SEN, AMARENDRA NATH (J) CITATION: AIR SCR (2) SCC (2) 96 SCALE (1) ACT: Legal Aid to the poor-Importance of legal aid to the poor explained-Directions given to .

Text of the Court Opinion

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The Maharashtra State Board of Legal Aid & Advice will forthwith get a pamphlet prepared setting out the legal rights of an arrested person and the State of Maharashtra will bring oat sufficient number of printed copies of the pamphlet in Marathi which is the languages of the people in the State of Maharashtra as also in Hindi and English and.

Full text of the Supreme Court Judgment: Sheela Barse Vs.

Sheela barse v state of maharashtra essay

State of Maharashtra [] INSC 11 (15 February ) | Judgments dated january, HEADNOTE: Sheela Barse, a free lance journalist, sought permission to interview the female prisoners in the Maharashtra State Jails.

The permission was granted by the Inspector-General of Prisons. As, how ever, the journalist started tape-recording her interviews with the prisoners, the permission to interview was withdrawn.

Sheela Barse vs State Of Maharashtra on 18 September,

Special Rights of Women * They should not be kept where male suspects are detained. — (S.C. judgement Sheela Barse v.

State of Maharashtra) * When a female is arrested for a non-bailable offence, even if the offence is very serious (punishable by death penalty even), the court can release her.

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