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Text response omam

Text remnants[ edit ] Text remnants include inscriptionsleather writings, papyri and crockeries written in multiple languages and scripts. Khwaday-Namag was prepared at the ends of the Sassanian era in Middle Persian language. Today, none of the direct translations of Khwaday-Namag or its original Persian text are available.

However, he has used colloquial statements in reporting the story of Ardashir's youth. Dhas stated a story about Ardashir I that is relatively similar to the adapted story from the biography of Cyrus the Great. Arbella's Chronicles is a text written in mid- sixth century A.

It presents helpful information about the Sasanian organizations and civilization. Apart from the Arabic text, the work is valuable, since it provides the Persian equals of Arabic expressions in Tabari's History. The Letter of Tansar is written in the book.

Another statement that exists in Kar-Namag i Ardashir i Pabagan and is told the same way in Ferdowsi's Shahnamehstates that Ardashir was born as a result of the marriage of Sasan, a descendent of Darius IIIwith the daughter of Papak, a local governor in the province of Pars.

Relating Ardashir to the legendary Kayanians with the nickname Kay beside connecting himself to Sasan, who has been a guardian and mysterious deity and also to Dara, which is a combination of Darius I and II the Achamenid with local Persian shahs Dara I and II, shows the former's fake lineage.

First it was composed that the epigraphic form "Ssn" on potterywares and other documents imply that Sasan was a Zoroastrian deity, though he is not mentioned in Avesta or other ancient Iranian texts.

Martin Schwartz has recently shown that the deity shown on the potterywares is not related to Sasan, but shows Ssn, old Semitic goddess that was worshiped in Ugarit on second millennium B. The word "Sasa" is written on coins found in Taxila ; it is probable to be related to "Sasan", since the symbols on the mentioned coins are similar to the coins of Shapur I.

It is remarked in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh about Sasan's Oriental lineage that might imply that his house had come from the Orient.

After all and considering all the difficulties, it can be said that Ardashir claimed his lineage to be belonging to gods and the Sasanians may have raised Sasan's rank to a god's.

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That was the only way for Ardashir to forge himself a double noble-religious lineage. It is not strange that Ardashir's religious lineage is emphasized in religious Sasanian statements and his noble lineage is emphasized in royal reports and then they are linked to religious statements about him.

Anyway, whoever Sasan was and wherever he lived, he was not a native Persian and the eastern and western Iranian Plateau are mentioned as his origins in the references. Shakki said it was obvious Sergeus the Christian had induced that nonsense to Agathias. Like he had cleared Ardashir's family tree, and it was adapted from the imaginations of Christians and the materialist and atheist league.

Shakki's reasoning is based on the current norm in marital customs that the children resulting from a woman's marriage with a second spouse after divorcing her first spouse will belong to the first spouse.

Some have considered Al-Tabari's report suspicious since he presents an elaborate family tree of Ardashir that relates his generation to mythical and mighty ancient Iranian kings.

Some consider the reports of Karnamag and Shahnameh more justifiable, since Ardashir being Sasan's son and his adoption by Papak aligns with Zoroastrian norms and customs.

About that, Daryaee says: It should be mentioned that it was not precedent to Ardashir to take a royal ring from Ahura Mazda, and it is not seen even in Achaemenid inscriptions.

Text response omam

Iran, the state in which the movement of establishing the new Sasanian government began, had lost its fame by third century A. Although the land's local shahs picked themselves famous Achaemenid names like Dara Darius and Ardashir in order to preserve old traditions, that was almost the only remaining instance of the ancient magnificence and greatness.

Even if the existence of the names of kings like Dara and Ardashir on the coins of local shahs of the land does not prove that a subsidiary house of the Achaemenids still ruled in Pars, it at least shows the continuance of some of Achaemenid traditions in that land.

That shows those local shahs shared power with Seleucid satraps or each of them ruled part of Pars separately. During the time, the Persian governors called themselves "Frataraka", which probably meant "governor" based on its synonym achieved from the Aramaic documents of the Achaemenid era.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for My Head is an Animal at lausannecongress2018.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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Ardashir I or Ardeshir I (Middle Persian 𐭠𐭥𐭲𐭧𐭱𐭲𐭥, New Persian: اردشیر بابکان, Ardashir-e Bābakān), also known as Ardashir the Unifier (– AD), was the founder of the Sasanian lausannecongress2018.com defeating the last Parthian shahanshah Artabanus V on the Hormozdgan plain in , he overthrew the Parthian dynasty and established the Sasanian dynasty.

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