Work team analysis essay

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Work team analysis essay

In this situation an agile BSA should be just another one of the developers on the team, likely leading Work team analysis essay and analysis modeling efforts as needed.

They would actively work to facilitate communication within the team, mentoring developers in BSA skills and perhaps even mentor project stakeholders in development skills.

This begins with a simple change of focus, from "We'll go out and find out what the customers want and bring it back", to "We'll go help the customers figure out what they want, so they can tell us".

This change of focus leaves control in the hands of the customers, and makes all the difference. A critical skill that an agile BSA brings to the table is the ability to investigate and understand how the business actually works, as opposed to how developers think it works or want it to work, an ability that they should be able to mentor developers in.

When co-located, Agile BSAs would also perform non-BSA activities as well, perhaps pair programming with one of the developers on some of the business code or working with users to develop acceptance tests.

This way the agile BSA would grow his or her own skill set over time and would help others to do so as well.

Work team analysis essay

An implication of this approach is that the "traditional BSA" is getting dropped in favor of a developer with very good communication skills. This reflects AM's philosophy that good developers are generalizing specialistspeople who have a general understanding of the complete software development lifecycle and one or more specialties: The danger of this approach is that the BSA can't be in the role of "conflict arbiter" when developers and stakeholders don't see eye to eye - the BSA is a developer and therefore is likely to be seen as biased in such situations.

Work team analysis essay

A business analyst BA is a poor substitute for developers who have both ready access to actual stakeholders and agile modeling skills. Remember, BA is also the abbreviation for band-aid. Furthermore, the project stakeholders are typically not available on a full time basis to the project team.

Common scenarios include stakeholders that can co-locate one or two days a week and be available as needed on other days; stakeholders that can be available for physical and teleconference meetings several times a week; and stakeholders whose availability is severely limited and often can only give you an hour or two a week.

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Clearly none of these scenarios are ideal, but unfortunately they are all too common. In particular, in situations where the stakeholders are not able to partially co-locate with the development team the BSA will need to work with them in their own environment.

This will likely entail modeling sessions and interviews with the project stakeholders. The Agile BSA will typically bring one or two other developers with them to these sessions, that way the developers can not only learn the business knowledge that they need they can also gain BSA skills in the process.

This will also help to build bonds between the developers and stakeholders. The agile BSA will also model a bit ahead of the team, gathering the information which they need a few days or weeks before it's actually needed: Large organizations, consortiums of organizations, and organizations that outsource development to other companies often overseas often find themselves in this situation.

I highly suggest that you avoid distributed development situations such as this because of the increased communication risk inherent in this approach. Instead you are forced to rely on less productive communication strategies - such as video conferencing, telephone conversations, and written documentation - and thereby dramatically increase project risk.

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One Room - Developers and Stakeholders are Co-Located. First, let's assume that you are able to co-locate your development team with your project stakeholders, an . The team must have a collaborative climate.

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This short essay is set to find the most important key transferable skill, by researching the advantages and disadvantages of four key skills every manager must obtain. communication, organization, leadership and being able to work as part of a team.

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